Humidity Meter

Keeping track of the relative humidity levels in a space is important, and sometimes necessary. Temperature and humidity level control is not just important for homes but also for greenhouses. If you want to measure the humidity of the place, you can make use of digital humidity meters that are readily available with several interesting features as well.

In this article, we will take a look at the different methods to take humidity readings and the best humidity meters. We will look at the features designed into many humidity meters that help to monitor and maintain the ideal relative humidity range. Balance your preferred temperature and humidity effortlessly using the best humidity meter or humidity gauge.

Is hygrometer same as humidity meter?

Digital humidity meters are also known as digital hygrometers or humidity gauges. A digital hygrometer is a trusted device that measures the humidity level in the surrounding air. Keeping a track of the air temperature and humidity with the help of digital humidity meters makes it easy to maintain the ambient temperature and ambient air, and also healthy and comfortable environmental conditions.

A digital hygrometer or humidity meter will measure humidity levels or moisture content in the air by calculating the temperature and pressure changes. One must be aware of the fact that there are many devices that measure humidity. The many humidity meters available in the market include; digital hygrometers, dew point temperature, and humidity meters, psychrometers, and mechanical hygrometers.

Is hygrometer same as humidity meter?

The device that measures temperature and humidity readings with the most accuracy is a digital hygrometer. You can often find digital hygrometers used to deliver accurate readings in industrial applications, greenhouses, and other spaces. The most common places a humidity meter is used indoors is in food storage spaces to maintain the ideal storage conditions, with the perfect humidity and temperature.

Types of humidity meters:

There are many types of humidity meters that have been trusted when it comes to measuring the actual amount of moisture content in the air. Among the moisture meters and other devices available, here are the most popular humidity meters relied upon that can measure the excess moisture in the ambient air.

  • Hair-tension hygrometers
  • Humidity cards
  • Metal-paper coil hygrometers
  • Mechanical hygrometers
  • Psychrometers
  • Gravimetric hygrometers
  • Manual hygrometers
  • Electrical hygrometers
  • Hygrothermographs
  • Research hygrometers
  • Chilled mirror hygrometers

How humidity meters work?

Understanding how different kinds of meters work will make it easier to identify which would be a suitable choice for your requirements. Temperature meters, moisture meters, or humidity meters function by measuring the amount of water vapor present in the air. Measuring the water vapor content is one of the important variables when it comes to basic meteorology.

How humidity meters work?
How humidity meters work?

You must also be informed that different kinds of humidity meters analyze different components to measure the water vapor content and the humidity levels of the space. The most common types of electrical hygrometer measure humidity by simply analyzing electrical resistance. The variation in the electrical resistance of a fine layer of a semiconductor device is analyzed to measure the humidity levels. Variations in transparency, weight, or volume of substances that respond to humidity, are a few of the other factors that the other types of hygrometers measure to analyze the humidity and water vapor content of the area.

How to read humidity meter?

Reading both, a digital hygrometer and an analog humidity meter are done in the same manner. You will read the humidity on percentage in a digital hygrometer and an analog hygrometer. The number on the reading will be followed by a percentage sign to give the reading.

Applications of humidity meters:

Maintaining a track of current humidity and current temperature although helpful, is sometimes absolutely necessary. Having humidity meters that measure the absolute humidity and dew point temperature, or relative humidity levels of the space can be an ideal choice to maintain the ambient temperature and humidity and ambient conditions.

Applications of humidity meters
Applications of humidity meters

The areas where you will find humidity meters put into practice are; HVAC systems, biomedical centers, food processing to maintain the ideal food storage conditions, pharmaceuticals, meteorology, microelectronics, agriculture, structural health monitoring, and more.

Factors to consider when selecting a humidity meter:

As aforementioned, there are different types of humidity meters and you will have to carefully evaluate the one that most suits your requirement. Before you purchase any humidity meter, you must be aware of the different factors to consider. Make sure the model that you select for purchase meets this checklist. This will guarantee that you can expect accuracy in the temperature readings or humidity readings.

The factors to consider before you purchase a humidity sensor according to experts are:

  • The sensor’s accuracy
  • Output repeatability
  • Long-term stability
  • Reliability on the sensor model
  • Calibration; both requirements and methods
  • Size of the sensor
  • Interchangeability
  • Cost-effectiveness (both, the cost of the humidity meter and the replacement of parts or the meter in case of repairs)
  • Circuit complexity
  • Resistance to chemical and physical contaminants
  • Ability to recover from condensation (if and when condensation occurs)

The 3 most popular hygrometer brands

Although there are different brands available in the market for you to choose tour hygrometers from, the following 3 brands are the best and highly recommended choices by customers.

1. Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

The first product that we have on the list is the Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer H5075. It is one of the best latest devices that is trusted to monitor indoor temperature and humidity. The advanced features built into the model make it easier to monitor the relative humidity levels of a place.

The Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer H5075 effortlessly supports advanced smart functions such as remote monitoring and temp humidity graphs. This reliable humidity meter is ideal for homes, offices, greenhouses, or any space.

Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075
Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

This Govee digital hygrometer is equipped with Swiss-made smart hygrometer sensor. This special feature guarantees the users the accuracy of the humidity readings and temperature readings from this digital hygrometer. The sensor ensures the temperature is accurate up to ±0.54°F while the humidity is ±3%RH, a 40% increase. Moreover, the 2s refresh speed on this Govee digital hygrometer always gives you the latest changes in temperature and humidity.

Another advantage of the Govee digital hygrometer is its large LCD display. The large LCD screen with legible numbers makes it easy to view the humidity readings from afar. The large LCD display is 3 inches in size. Being aware of indoor humidity at all times is possible with the maximum and minimum temperature humidity records and the comfort indicators (dry, comfort, and wet).

Bluetooth accessibility and Smart App alerts are the best features. You can set this digital hygrometer to send you alerts at any time of any changes in the humidity and air temperature. Adding to the list of best specifications we have the data logger. This model comes with free data storage. The data logging capability of the Govee digital hygrometer allows you to store data and even export the data from data storage from 2 years ago. This data logging capability comes in handy for industrial purposes.

Do the features built into the Govee digital hygrometer meet your expectations? If yes, hurry now to purchase this model at the best price and take charge of low humidity levels or high humidity levels in the space.

Pros and Cons of Govee Hygrometer Thermometer H5075

 One of the best models of a digital humidity gauge to track temperature and humidity.

 The exceptional accuracy of the humidity and temperature readings.

 Advanced features like Bluetooth and Smart App monitoring with notification alerts.

 2s refresh speed to stay updated on the temperature and humidity changes.

 Large LCD screen with large numbers on the LCD display.

 Seamless data logging capability.

2. Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

The humidity meter that we have next on the list is Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor. Its special features and accuracy in displaying the temperature and humidity of the area make this a widely recommended choice. The Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor can be used both indoors and outdoors. It measures the air temperature and humidity of any room, indoor and outdoor space; basements, crawl spaces, living rooms, etc. This portability makes it a preferred choice.

The Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity meter are built with one remote probe or sensor. However, it is equipped to adapt to multiple remote probe models or remote sensors for multiple locations. Scrolling through the channels on the base unit will display the data logger.

Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor
Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

The additional features in the Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor include; An Atomic clock that has a special design to adjust itself for Daylight Savings, an Alarm with an 8-minute snooze function, a Moon phase feature that displays the different phases of the moon as the month progresses, and more.

Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor can be your best helper to keep track of the humidity levels in any space with ease. Bring home this user-friendly device to stay worry-free in tracking the temperature and humidity of your home.

Pros and Cons of Acu-Rite Remote Thermometer and Humidity Sensor

 A suitable choice for temperature and humidity monitoring indoors and outdoors.

 Comes with one remote sensor.

 Built to support multiple sensors for multiple locations.

 Has a data logger, atomic clock, moon phase tracker, backlight, and more user-friendly features.

3. ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter

The last humidity meter that we have on the list is the ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter. The features and high accuracy of this device make this a widely recommended choice among customers.

The ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor humidity gauge comes with 3 different air temperature condition indicators. These indicators come with a face icon for easy identification. The humidity gauge can easily point out if the air temperature is wet, comfortable, or dry. You can be assured of the accuracy of this device when in use. The humidity and temperature sensors have a high accuracy of ±1°F/°C and ±2%-3%RH. A high accuracy of this range makes this ideal for even dynamic environmental conditions like greenhouses.

ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter
ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter

The 10s refresh rate on the humidity and temperature readings makes sure you are updated on any fluctuations in humidity and temperatures. Another bonus to the ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter is the large display. The large LCD display screen makes it easy to read the humidity meter from an angle. Moreover, this humidity gauge also has 3 different placement options. They are; a tabletop stand, magnetic back, and hanging mount. This makes it convenient to be used in any room.

Are you convinced that the ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter is the device to lean onto for accurate temperature humidity measurement? If this humidity meter meets your expectations, hurry now and bring home this device to enjoy carefree and effortless humidity and temperature monitoring.

Pros and Cons of ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter

 ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter is one of the most trusted and highly recommended models for humidity gauges that are designed to work in all environmental conditions.

 The accuracy of this temperature and humidity gauge is perfect.

 It comes with a 10s refresh range to stay updated on the humidity and dew point temperature readings at all times.

 The large display of LCD display screen is suitable to make note of the readings from any angle across the room.

 Comes with 3 different placement options to conveniently place the ThermoPro TP49 Digital Indoor Humidity Meter at any spot required.

Maintenance and care of humidity meters

It goes without saying that all devices require consistent care and maintenance. A digital hygrometer is easy to be taken care of. It only involves a recharge of batteries or a change of batteries as and when required. If you notice that your device is faulty despite the change of batteries, you may have to take it for service and replacement

Maintenance and care of humidity meters
Maintenance and care of humidity meters

A traditional model of thermo-hygrometer that a complex design with a dry bulb and wet bulb temperature requires attention. Experts strongly recommend that you store these devices in a dry and clean area. You must remember that the dry bulb and wet bulb temperature calibration and humidity sensor signals are sensitive to air temperature changes. An extreme temperature outside of the -4F to 140F range will offset the calibration and sensor signals. It is suggested that you keep any air exposure to the bare minimum in the proximity of the humidity meter’s sensors.

Wrapping Up

With this, we wind up the article. We trust the article was able to deliver all the information on the humidity meter that you were looking for and the best models for humidity gauges available in the market. Remember to carefully evaluate the accuracy and data logging capability of the device before you invest in one.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make sure a humidity meter is accurate?

Testing if a traditional humidity meter is accurate can be done in many ways. The most common method that is used to check the accuracy of a humidity gauge is the Damp Towel Test.

For this, you will need a damp towel (damp and not dripping wet) and your hygrometer. Wrap the device in a damp towel for 45 minutes. Once the time is done, unwrap the towel and read the humidity meter quickly. A perfectly calibrated humidity gauge will read 100% exactly.

How long does humidity meter take to get a reading?

A digital hygrometer or an analog hygrometer can take up to 5 minutes to get acclimatized to the ambient temperature before they begin to record the readings.

What is the difference between a humidity meter and a humidistat?

The difference between a humidity meter and a humidistat is its purpose and design. A humidity meter or a hygrometer is a device that is used to solely monitor the humidity and moisture content in the air.

A humidistat, on the other hand, is a device that has been built into another appliance and is used to regulate the humidity levels of the room it is placed in. Most advanced dehumidifiers are equipped with a real-time monitoring humidistat.

What does 100 percent humidity mean?

100% humidity denotes the presence of a maximum level of moisture in ambient conditions.

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