One of the best inventions that help in removing moisture in the air is the dehumidifier. The dehumidifier reduces the excess moisture in the air and turns the moist environment into a comfortable one. High humidity levels in the air and extra moisture do not just make the environment uncomfortable, but can also lead to plentiful damage.

Excess moisture in the air can lead to health problems and respiratory issues, trigger allergies and increase the allergy symptoms like runny nose, spike the growth of dust mites, mold spores, mold growth, and more. It is crucial to invest in a good home dehumidifier that prevents moist environments in the living space and helps your immune system.

In this article, we will take a look at how a dehumidifier works to provide one with health benefits and not just to remove moisture in the air, musty smells, mold, mildew, etc. Let us get started!

Will using a dehumidifier actually improve your health?

Will using a dehumidifier actually improve your health?

You might be surprised to learn about the various health benefits of a dehumidifier. The manner in which dehumidifiers work ensures that the indoor air quality of the room is improved. When a dehumidifier reduces dust mites, mold spores, mildew spores, and other allergy triggers present in the room as a result of the indoor humidity levels, the indoor air quality is improved greatly. You will notice a significant decrease in common allergy triggers and allergy symptoms as well.

People who suffer from childhood asthma and other respiratory issues will find great relief from using a dehumidifier. Extra moisture in the air and extremely humid conditions are contributors to triggering watery eyes, dry cough, stuffy nose, skin rashes, and more. Milder symptoms of humid air or humid environments like mold growth, dust mites, and musty odors will aggravate breathing difficulties when the situation is not taken care of.

Investing in a good dehumidifier is the most effective way to reduce dust mites, dust floating in the air filled with excess humidity levels, musty odor, dust mites trapped into bed sheets, and more. You will be able to put an end to skin rashes, runny nose, dry cough, watery eyes, mold and mildew spores, and all agents that trigger allergies. By removing the extra moisture in the air and removing the dampness in the air and in the room, you can be assured that a good dehumidifier will provide you with health benefits.

What kind of dehumidifier should you buy to get health benefits?

What kind of dehumidifier should you buy to get health benefits?

Any space with limited ventilation is bound to lead to health problems. However, finding a suitable dehumidifier can give you the assurance of enjoying several health benefits. A durable and efficient dehumidifier unit should be able to extract all the moisture from your room, along with the side effects that wreck the space and your health.

You can invest in a portable or whole house unit depending on the humidity levels, the area to be covered, and the extent of mold and mildew damage. While a simple unit is sufficient to remove musty odor and dust mites, severe side effects of high humidity will require a large capacity unit.

Best Dehumidifier To Improve Your Health:

hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier
hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier

One of the best dehumidifiers you can rely on to make sure you enjoy all the benefits of a dehumidifier is this unit- the hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier. This is one of the best models designed to seamlessly extract moisture from humid environments. The features built into the hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier are made for high-performance maintenance of excess humidity levels.

This model is a good dehumidifier for moist environments in a large room, office, basement, etc. The 4,500 sq. ft. area coverage is achieved by the strong and efficient unit of this model. Keeping your indoor humidity levels on track and enhancing the indoor air quality by removing dust floating through the air and preventing mold growth with musty smells can be dealt with effectively with the hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier.

The removable water tank comes with a 1.6-gallon capacity to hold the water extracted from the moist environment. The dehumidifier can run for 24 hours continually to carry out uninterrupted dehumidification. The drain outlet supports continuous draining, however, the drain hose is not included in the purchase. The adjustable fan speed settings and auto Shut Off features make this a convenient unit to place one’s hopes of keeping health problems away.

Being an Energy Star-certified dehumidifier, you can be assured of energy-efficient operation to lower energy costs even with high-intensity dehumidification. With the perfectly balanced moisture level, you can rest assured that your room, home, or office area is protected from mold and mildew, along with the side effects that accompany mold and mildew. You can bid goodbye to respiratory issues and breathing difficulties that arise from high indoor humidity levels by investing in the hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier.

Pros and Cons of hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star Dehumidifier:

  • One of the best dehumidifiers available in the market for efficient extracting of moisture from the air.
  • Effectively maintains the ideal relative humidity level. Comes with the facility to adjust the desired humidity levels.
  • Designed to remove musty odors, mold spores, mold growth, and mildew, and to reduce dust mites.
  • Equipped to lower energy costs during operation and also ensures that other cooling equipment like an air conditioner can function effectively without humid climate interference.
  • A brilliant unit to rely on to keep respiratory issues away.

Does dehumidifier help asthma?

Does dehumidifier help asthma?

Childhood asthma can sometimes lead into adulthood and aggravate when not addressed at the earliest. High humidity levels are not the ideal situation to tackle asthma symptoms. When the relative humidity level of a room is not maintained to strike a healthy balance, the high moisture level will lead trigger allergies and increase the humid environment. A humid climate has air that is filled with too much moisture. Too much moisture in the air is uncomfortable and heavy to breathe in for any healthy person, and even more for anything with childhood asthma or adult asthma.

While good ventilation systems are efficient in balancing a healthy relative humidity level, an efficient home dehumidifier is an ideal choice to ensure that you remove moisture thoroughly from every area of your home. Moist environment from the walls, floors, ceilings, basement apartments, attic, antique furniture, bathrooms, kitchen, and every nook and corner of your home can be taken care of with a home dehumidifier.

Wrapping Up

With this, we have reached the end of the article. We hope the article was able to fully explain the disadvantages of having excess moisture in the air and the benefits of installing a dehumidifier to ensure the best of health. Invest in a suitable portable dehumidifier or whole-house dehumidifier to enjoy enhanced indoor air quality every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a dehumidifier purify the air from dust?

All dehumidifier units are equipped to remove dust mites from the indoor air. However, air purifying is limited, similar to an air conditioner. An air conditioner and dehumidifier will contain air filters within them to send out cool air or dry air respectively.

Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are not built to filter or purify the air as efficiently as an air purifier.

What are the other advantages of using a dehumidifier?

Along with moisture extraction, you can rely on a dehumidifier to support various functions. High humidity levels make it difficult for effective air conditioning to take place. Using a dehumidifier is an efficient step to support the functions of an air conditioner, other cooling equipment, and even other electrical devices. This will ensure that you do not run into a high electric bill.

You can remove dampness, damp odor, mold and mildew, mold growth in any corner of the house, and all types of allergens that contribute to a rise in allergies.

Can using too many dehumidifiers ruin your health?

It is important to use only the right model and capacity of the dehumidifier. Installing a unit with a high capacity for a small room will contribute to dry air beyond the requirement. Dry climates must be cautious of setting the ideal relative humidity levels correctly, to prevent excessively dry air.

Dry air also contributes to a rise in allergens. It can especially aggravate skin rashes, itchy eyes, dry throat, and even drying of the nasal passages. With these signs and symptoms, the improper use of a dehumidifier can definitely ruin your health.

Do dehumidifiers help with lung disease?

Among the various health benefits of a dehumidifier, the primary one is better lung health. We would like to emphasize that using a dehumidifier is not a cure for any lung disease or respiratory disease. A dehumidifier simply makes the environment a safe space with enhanced indoor air quality, thereby helping make the symptoms of lung disease manageable.

Does a dehumidifier help mud dry faster?

It is true that you can make use of a dehumidifier to hasten the drying process of drywall mud. The unit can effectively remove the moisture and dampness from the drywall and hasten the drying process.

What is the benefit of a dehumidifier with built in pump?

A dehumidifier that comes with a built-in pump makes it easy to drain the water collected via condensation. Draining the water into a built-in pump makes it hassle-free and easy to pump out the moisture via a tube that can be connected to a sink or window.

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