Keeping the humidity levels of a home under check is crucial. Whole-house dehumidifiers and portable dehumidifiers have been successfully helping homeowners to have ideal relative humidity control. If you are looking to control the humidity levels of your living space, you must consider investing in the ideal whole-home unit or portable dehumidifier. Depending on the floor space and money-saving tips that you have in mind, you can find the best whole-house model or portable dehumidifier.

Before you purchase whole home dehumidifiers or portable dehumidifiers it is important to understand the pros and cons of both types. While whole home dehumidifiers require HVAC professional installation, portable dehumidifiers can be set up in the comfort of your home just by giving access to the laundry sink or floor drain.

In this article, we will discuss in brief whole house vs portable dehumidifiers, the pros and cons of both models when you wish to control humidity levels efficiently. With that being said, let us get started!

How whole house and portable dehumidifiers work?

How whole house and portable dehumidifiers work?

A whole-house dehumidifier reduces any space that has too much moisture in the air more effectively. However, the requirement for a whole home dehumidifier can vary. In most cases, a whole home dehumidifier is installed with the HVAC system. The unit can remove moisture from the indoor air as it passed through the HVAC existing ductwork. The extra moisture that has been removed is condensed to liquid and sent out via the drain. The dry air with improved indoor air quality is recirculated back into the house.

With a whole home dehumidifier, you can notice a significant decrease in the excess moisture in the air, dry air, less mold growth, and better indoor air quality. Using a whole house unit is also the best way to reduce dust mites, stuffy nose, skin rashes, musty odor, dry cough, watery eyes, handle childhood asthma, etc.

One of the overlooked benefits of a dehumidifier is lower energy costs. Using a dehumidifier can help to lower the energy costs of running an air conditioner or any other electrical cooling equipment. If your electric bill is higher than expected from air conditioning, you must look at the indoor humidity levels. Humid environments can also make it difficult for an air conditioner to function effortlessly.

If your home, office space, or basement apartment is struggling with high humidity levels and you are looking for efficient ventilation systems to prevent dust from floating and to keep away breathing difficulties, it is time you invested in a whole-house dehumidifier.

When to get a whole house dehumidifier?

When to get a whole house dehumidifier?

A whole house unit is a highly efficient option to maintain the relative humidity level of space when compared to portable dehumidifiers. It is recommended in investing in a whole house unit if the excess humidity levels of the entire home are beyond control and the area to be covered is larger.

Removing excess moisture, mold, and mildew from bed sheets and a single antique piece of furniture might not be a challenge. But handling severe respiratory issues like childhood asthma and health problems that arise from mold spores and mildew spores, and other common allergy triggers might require a stronger unit with better performance.

Although simple allergy triggers and allergy symptoms can be health with even by portable dehumidifiers, like dust mites., other issues like continual exposure to humid conditions that not just trigger allergies but also wreck damage on the interiors of the home will be in need of a whole house dehumidifier. In order to maintain the perfect balance of the relative humidity level of a space, one must invest in a good dehumidifier that meets the requirements of the space.

When to get a portable dehumidifier?

When to get a portable dehumidifier?

Despite the small size of a portable dehumidifier, one cannot dismiss the health benefits of a dehumidifier irrespective of its size. Humid air in a small space can be removed using a portable unit. If a small room is in need of keeping high humidity levels under check, preventing mold growth and mildew mold, removing dust mites, and restoring a healthy balance in a humid environment, you can look into investing in a small portable unit to enjoy the benefits of a dehumidifier.

A portable unit is not just easy and quick to set up and convenient to move around any room that struggled with a humid climate, but they are also less expensive models with a wide array of options. However, one must be aware that a portable unit might not support lower energy costs.

Should whole house dehumidifier be ducted?

Should whole house dehumidifier be ducted?

It is ideal to have a whole house dehumidifier ducted. Staying safe from the hazards of excess humidity levels is possible by ducting a whole-house dehumidifier with the home’s HVAC system. Removing the extra moisture in the air is done by ducted dehumidifiers by making use of the ducts in the HVAC system.

Best portable dehumidifier:

hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft Energy Star Dehumidifier
hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

Enjoy the health benefits that come with using a dehumidifier with the hOmeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier. This is one of the most trusted models to maintain the indoor air quality and indoor humidity levels of space effortlessly.

The features of the hOmeLabs 4,500 sq. ft Energy Star Dehumidifier is designed to ensure the dehumidifier reduces the excess humidity by extracting 50 pints of moisture per day. The large area coverage and the large water tank capacity of 1.6 gallons make this a good dehumidifier to invest in for even large rooms.

The convenient features built into this unit include an adjustable indoor humidity setting, continuous 24-hour cycle, automatic Shut Off, continuous drainage facility, adjustable fan speeds, and more. This is indeed the perfect choice to reduce dust mites and dust floating through your air, remove musty odors, and keep any space with limited ventilation protected against mold and mildew.

Best whole-house dehumidifier:

Aprilaire 100 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier

Aprilaire 100 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier
Aprilaire 100 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier

If your home is constantly battling a humid climate and would benefit from dry climates, you must consider investing in the Aprilaire 100 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier. This unit is one of the best dehumidifiers available in the market to balance the dangers of humid environments, remove mold and mildew spores, reduce mold growth, and bid goodbye to musty smells.

Aprilaire 100 Pint Whole House Dehumidifier is equipped with a smart sensing technology that can automatically dehumidify the house when the relative humidity level exceeds the desired moisture level. This unit is one the best energy-efficient models that can remove up to 100 pints of additional moisture in the air per day. The corrosion-resistant aluminum coils of this whole house unit make sure that you have a durable and sturdy performance.

Be assured reaped several health benefits by bringing home this unit. You can stay protected from skin rashes, dry throat, itchy eyes, childhood asthma, breathing difficulties, and other respiratory issues once the unit removes all the agents that trigger allergies from the humid room.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap on the article. We trust the article was able to clear your questions regarding whole house vs portable dehumidifiers, the model with a high upfront cost, and the unit that can save energy, etc. Carry out a thorough study of the humidity control that your home requires before you invest in whole-home units or portable units.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to set up a drain system for a whole-house dehumidifier?

Draining a whole house dehumidifier requires some inclusive assistance, unlike portable units. You can connect the drain outlet coming from the unit to a sump pump to directly remove the water that is being condensed post-moisture extraction by the system.

Portable units on the other hand will have a storage tank that will hold the water. This tank is removable and can be emptied into a sink or can be connected to a sink to carry out continuous driving as well.

How much whole house dehumidifier maintenance cost?

The installation costs for a whole-house dehumidifier can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,800. These rates can differ depending on the model, brand, and city. The maintenance costs of whole house units will again differ depending on the nature of the problem or repair.

How much portable dehumidifier maintenance costs?

Portable dehumidifiers require less maintenance when compared to a whole house unit. Most cleaning and maintenance requirements can be done at the convenience of your home by yourself with the help of the user manual. Cleaning the filters and the removable container must be done on a regular basis, and these procedures can be done at home. Mainitnece of other internal parts like the condenser, fan, or motor might require professional assistance.

As aforementioned, the cost for these maintenance processes will vary depending on the brand, portable model, and nature of the repair.

How much water does whole house dehumidifier collect in a day?

The quantity of water removed by a whole house dehumidifier per day will depend on the moist environment. A room with higher moisture levels and humidity levels will have more water content in the air. The water that can be extracted by a whole-house dehumidifier will depend on the unit. Some units can remove up to 100 pints of moisture per day.

What is the best way to dehumidify whole house?

The most efficient method to dehumidify a whole house is to invest in an effective whole-house dehumidifier and have it ducted to the HVAC system. This will guarantee the effortless maintenance of the humidity levels of your home.

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